Meet Our New Pastor
Rev. Todd Goddard

Beloved Rush members, friends, guests, and neighbors,




What is the big vision of what God is calling the Rush United Methodist Church to become?


If you had one dream for our church and ministry, what would it be?


These are two of many questions I’ll be asking as we settle in and get to know one another. Discerning where God is calling us collectively and individually is of immense curiosity to me. Hearing your dreams and visions will greatly help to get started as your new pastor.


Thank you for your kind and thoughtful welcome to my family and I. We truly are experiencing God grace and love through your words and efforts. I’m confident that all who explore life in our community will experience the same welcome and love.


I have no greater love than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a joy to share it, search it, and apply it to our own walk with Jesus. I look forward to living the Gospel together with you in the days ahead.


God loves you, and so do I,

Pastor Todd