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Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement
August 27, 2021

Here is one way to make a difference for refugees resettling in Rochester and partner with Saints' Place.  

With the recent horrific situation in Afghanistan, Rochester has received several Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) refugees families from Afghanistan. We are expecting the number to increase significantly over the next few weeks and months. Last week (second week of August, 2021) we set up five homes for 28 refugees and have three families awaiting housing.

Saint's Place is well stocked at this point, due to your generosity.  Currently our most urgent need is HELP in form of volunteering.  We need volunteers who are able and willing to help with furniture deliveries to the refugees' new homes as well as picking up donated furniture.
Due to the large increase of deliveries, Saint's Place needs to make multiple deliveries in a day and that requires a lot of "man power." If you can help just once with a delivery (furniture, household goods, bedding, etc.) it would truly change the life of a family in need.
We operate our truck and van Mondays – Fridays from 8:30 AM – 4:30PM, with the potential of adding in Saturday deliveries as needed.
If you would like to help ease the suffering of these brave people, please contact Michele at  or call 585 385-6860. Thank you!


Rev. Deborah Grohman
Administrative Coordinator
Greater Rochester Community of Churches Faith in Action Network
2 Riverside St., Rochester, NY 14613

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