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Phone: 585-533-2170

Sunday Worship Schedule

8:30 am - Adult Bible Study with Michelle Prok
8:30 am - Choir Rehearsal
9:30 am - Hybrid Worship Experience
9:45 am - One Room Class for Children
10:45 am - Rush UMC Coffee Hour
10:45 am - "Resist Chaos by Anchoring Yourself in God's Truth" Adult Class

Communion offered 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month


Music is a special gift from God through which we can communicate and praise God in ways words alone cannot express.  Rush’s music ministry uses God’s gifts in several ways:
Chancel Choir welcomes anyone from high school age and older who enjoys singing. The choir sings anthems at both the traditional and contemporary services.  Rehearsal is between services in the choir room and on Tuesday evenings.  Members sing at either service or both.
The Rush Praise Band has a variety of instrumentalists.  We are interested in people who play instruments and would enjoy making music as an important part of the 10:45 worship service.
We are always interested in soloist, ensembles, and duets, to provide special music at the 10:45 service.  If you have the gift of musical ability we would love to have you share your gifts in worship.



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