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Phone: 585-533-2170

8:30 am - Traditional Worship Service
9:45 am - One Room Class for Children

9:45am - Adult Classes
10:45 am - Informal Worship Service

11:15am - Sunday School for  Children 
Communion offered weekly

Rush United Methodist Church has a number of ministries that help provide a wide variety of opportunities for all persons to know the love of Jesus Christ and become his faithful followers. 

Some of our ministries serve our worship, educational, congregational care, administrative, and leadership needs. (Click here to see how you can find an way to serve and contact information about how to begin.)

Some of our ministries reach out to the community, region, nation, and world. (Click here to see how you can find a way to serve in our Mission & Outreach ministries.)

Some of the ministries include: 

and many more...

What's missing? YOU! Volunteer to serve today!



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