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Church Leaders
Annual elections take place each Fall at our annual Church Conference

Lay Leader for Children, Youth, and Families: Tanya Hunt

Lay Leader for Worship: Steve Williams

Lay Leader for Missions and Outreach: Erma Perkins

Leadership Ministries Team

2022 Jan Corey

          Patti Weaver

          Lynda Wanzenried

2023 Erin Bills

          Geoff Furman

       Cindy Gray

2024 Michelle Prok

          Steve Williams (chair)

Board of Trustees


2022  Paul Kingsley

           Rob Gruschow

2023  Dan Gilroy

           Jose Arroyo

           Cindy Gray (chair)

2024  Dick Wallace

           Lynda Wanzenried

           Geoff Furman

Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

2022   Jan Corey

2023   Erin Bills (chair)

2024  Lynda Wanzenried

Finance Committee

2022  Michelle Prok (chair)

2023  Tanya Hunt

2024  Ken Graham

           Jim Comstock

Barb Kingsley (ex-officio)

Spencer Haynes (ex-officio, Treasurer)

Endowment Fund

2022   Tanya Hunt

2023   Eric Scheele (chair)

2024   Casey Beebe

2025   Gary Edom

2026   Ken Graham

Memorial Committee

Barb Kingsley, Tanya Hunt, Juliet Johnson

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Leon Perkins

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