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Jerusalem Fund


A number of years ago, Morley Maxwell led our church to establish the Jerusalem Fund with this opening appeal to the members: “Remember the poor, that is the charge that Peter, James, Cephas, and John gave to Paul for his evangelism to the Gentiles (Galatians 2:10). Also we read in the Gospels that the churches took up a collection and sent it to Jerusalem for the needy.”


The Jerusalem Fund is a second-mile giving opportunity for us to directly assist those in need. It is a pastoral discretionary fund meant to financially assist members of our church family that are experiencing short-term economic need. The Jerusalem Fund has been instrumental in keeping individuals and families afloat during difficult times. The fund was heavily drawn upon during the pandemic when job changes and losses have taken place.


The Jerusalem Fund has been drawn down to a

minimum level and is in need of replenishment.


Morley asked “Now here is what I need you to

consider – you are requested to give $100 to the

Jerusalem Fund (by check made out to RIMC and

in the For: Jerusalem Fund)… Lesser amounts may be given if you wish… It is recognized that all families will not be able to participate and that is expected but if you can your assistance is greatly appreciated. No record will be maintained of who gave but the amount will appear on your financial statement. As you make your decision to give or not remember that this Fund is to recognize the needs of only Rush Church attendees and that the assistance is a faith loan given until the individual(s) can get back on their feet. All loans will be given with Christian love and trust and confidence, maintaining a household is the foremost expectation.”


Please consider a contribution to the Jerusalem Fund, in the same spirit of Christian love and generosity that Morley modeled many years ago. Thank you for your every consideration.

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